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Sneak Peek: Mani Mela Bride Ashley

23 Oct

Mani Mela spent the better part of the past few months helping a lovely bride named Ashley plan a magnificent wedding of her dreams. Ashley and her now husband Justin are a great couple, and the love they have for each other is so clear to all, especially those who were there to witness these two become one. Below we have a sneak peek of their special day. These stunning photos are courtesy of Mrs. Photographer Aimee Jobe. Our talented stylists Kylie and Jessica styled Ashley’s hair and makeup, our Mani Mela Florist Dawn created all the florals, and the Mani Mela Team created the entire wedding concept and decor presentation.




A Mani Mela Bride: Brianna (Part XII)

5 Sep

Mani Mela Bride, Brianna, is just 17 days away from her wedding – and she’s back with her latest blog on the world of wedding planning. Catch up with Brianna below:

I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. I’ve heard from many that these weeks before the wedding will fly by faster than I can say “I do!” Those people are certainly right. It feels like yesterday that there were still 100 days to go! Little details running through my mind keep my brain humming, and my to-do list building, but I have to say – this time of my life is thrilling, exciting, and there is so much beauty within all the chaos! I am trying my best to soak up every last second because I know it will come and go far too quickly (and I have to be honest – I actually really enjoy all this hustle and bustle.)

As I’m sure many brides can understand, these last couple weeks before the wedding are filled with lots of  list making, double checking, and then triple checking all those lists. The only real stress I’ve felt while wedding planning has  been during these final couple weeks, and it is only because my biggest fear is forgetting something (you don’t even want to know how many of these dreams I’ve had).  So here is my list of little details to add to your final planning to-do checklist, and I hope it will help spare you any unnecessary stress:

  • Guest Book –  This is a detail usually left to deal with at the end of the planning and purchasing. Etsy has some great options, but if you want anything customized or elaborate, you should start thinking about this at least 6 weeks prior to your wedding. There are also so many great alternatives on Pinterest if you want to do something other than the standard “sign in” book. Here are some of my favorites:

Guest book stones

  • Garter – If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably thought all about your overall look a million times – makeup, hair, dress, accessories, but don’t forget about your garter! Yet again, Etsy is a great resource! Not only are there beautiful alternatives to garters typically found in most bridal shops, but you can find them cheaper on Etsy. Coordinate with your wedding colors or incorporate your theme, you can personalize it however you’d like. I found my garter on Etsy, and it came included with a toss garter, too. Quite the steal!
  • Favors – It’s important to thank your guests for celebrating your special day with you, and there are so many ways to do this! There are a broad range of favor ideas, and the best part is that favors are a great way to further incorporate your theme with the wedding decor. If you have a rustic wedding, follow your theme (think take home flowers, or elements of the decor in your take home packages such as twine ties). If your wedding is centered around one specific color, a color coordinated candy buffet is a beautiful favor idea. I don’t want to spoil any secrets, so I’ll save what we chose to use until a later date. 🙂
  • Logistics – Logistics are a huge deal. I notice I feel so much better once I figure these details out, and the stress feels like it’s melting away. So make a detailed floor plan, call up your wedding coordinator, figure out who is helping with set up and take down, write up a timeline, get in touch with your vendors. You will be prepared, and you will feel SO much better.

Of course there are many other things to consider, but get these taken care of and you’ll be left with only minor details. Good luck with your wedding planning, and I can’t wait to share all the details of my own special day with you in practically no time! 🙂

Before & After Beauty!

31 Jul

In the wedding world, working on weekends is a given. However, at Mani Mela, we are so lucky because we deal with many fabulous brides who are so fun to style that it doesn’t even feel like work! This past weekend was one of those times, as we helped gorgeous Mani Mela Bride Alexandra get glamorous for her special day. She is an absolute dear, and we were so happy to be a part of her big day.

See Alexandra’s stunning before & after transformation below, and leave your congratulatory comments below for the new couple:

Isn’t she a beautiful bride?




Blaisdell Manor Photo Shoot!

12 Jul

A while back we showed you some teaser images from a photo shoot that Mani Mela took part in. We were thrilled to provide hair and makeup artistry, decor, and florals for this breathtaking shoot that took place at the Blaisdell Manor in Minneapolis, MN. We’ve kept you waiting long enough, so today we will show you all the details. All of these stunning photos are courtesy of the lovely Captured Moments by Duke.

Floral Design by Mani Mela

Chair covers and bands available for rental through Mani Mela

Hair & makeup artistry by Mani Mela Beauty (www.manimelabeauty.com)

Hair & makeup artistry by Mani Mela Beauty (www.manimelabeauty.com)

Decor design by Mani Mela

Floral design by Mani Mela (www.manimelaweddings.com)

Floral Design by Mani Mela (www.manimelaweddings.com)

Decor by Mani Mela (All items shown here available for rent through Mani Mela)

Hair and makeup styling by Mani Mela Beauty (www.manimelabeauty.com)

Williams-Sonoma Bridal Event!

29 Jun

Mani Mela is so excited to be taking part in William-Sonoma’s Bridal Event taking place this evening at the Mall of America from 6 PM – 8 PM. Come on down to join the fun and enjoy tasty refreshments, visit with experts, and learn some valuable cooking tips! The place is going to be packed with local vendors, including Mani Mela, who will be on hand all evening to give advice, direction, and answer any wedding questions! Williams-Sonoma staff will be on hand to help brides build registries, or add to already created registries. We’re told there will even be a special discount for attendees! And you won’t want to miss the prizes being given away – especially ours! We’ve got a wedding day survival gift basket for one very lucky bride which features some of our favorite MAC makeup and more! Call to reserve your spot at 952.854.4553, and we’ll see you there! 


A Mani Mela Bride: Brianna (Part II) – Venue Planning

30 Mar

Eat a cupcake? Now THAT is great advice for the planning bride!

Last week I gave you a brief overview of my introduction to the world of wedding planning, and this week I want to go more in depth with you. I know that personally, I have found the advice and experience of other brides particularly helpful in my own journey through planning; I only hope that my experiences can be half as enlightening to brides in the thick of their own planning, too.

So, the ring is on your finger, your entire families are happy as can be, and then what?  As I mentioned, first and foremost, worry about the venue. My fiance’s family and my own are very large, and include very large networks of friends. We both knew our guest list (something to be considered as you tour venues) would undoubtedly reach over 400 people – an astronomical number by most Midwestern wedding standards.  We wanted to pick a venue that would be easily accessible to our families and friends, something that wouldn’t require any excessive travelling for the majority of our guests. Luckily, both of our families are from the same town, so that made it relatively easy to pick a location for venues. Unluckily for us, there are only approximately two places near our hometown that could  1) fit at least 400 people, and 2) look nice not only for a reception, but also for a ceremony.

Within two weeks of our engagement, we set up an appointment to visit a golf club we had our hearts set on: Riverview Greens in Stewartville, MN.

This gorgeous golf center looks out on to the stunning landscape of the golfing greens, and features amazing wooden arched ceilings. We fell in love with the large, sloping windows that bring the most amazing natural light in to the whole room. We knew the second we walked in that we would be getting married here. Sure enough, we booked it that day and officially cemented our wedding date for September 22nd, 2012.  Not only will this venue be beautiful for an evening reception, but it will be an exceptional venue to have our actual wedding ceremony at, too. My advice to brides is to pick a venue that you feel comfortable in, and one you can envision your celebration taking place at. If it feels right, you’ll know it – much like the feeling you get when you try on *the* dress (more on that later).

Shortly after booking our venue, we sat down to write out an exact wedding guest list. Keep in mind, this can take the better part of an afternoon, or two, or three (if you’re indecisive and unable to focus on one thing for too long like me). It is important to have a fairly accurate estimation of how many guests you expect before you sign on a venue, however. My fiance’s sister was married just seven months prior to our engagement, so we based our estimation off of her guest list.  We wanted to get our own list nailed down to be as exact as possible, as soon as possible. This is important to do as soon as possible, as this number will dictate many of the decisions you make regarding ordering invitations, centerpieces, favors, food, and on and on.

The next things to worry about booking include photography, videography, and DJ services. But you’ll have to stay tuned to find out how I navigated the “booking” of my own wedding, and the advice I have for brides in this stage of planning.