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Traditional Foundation vs. Airbrush Foundation: What’s Right for Your Big Day?

24 May

As a bride, looking magnificent on your wedding day is of course part of your overall plan. As you begin working on the fine details of the day, you will eventually need to make a decision on your beauty routine. If you’re specific about your look, or you are talented enough, you may choose to do your own makeup. If you’re like many brides though, makeup is the last thing you want to worry about as you get ready on your wedding day. We at Mani Mela couldn’t support that decision more – a talented makeup artist can create a wedding day look for you that your groom will never forget. One thing you’ll have to decide is whether you choose a stylist that offers traditional foundation, or one who uses airbrush foundation. At Mani Mela Beauty, our stylists all use airbrush foundation to give every bride a showstopping look. You may be asking, “what’s the difference?” – and you’re not alone. Many women don’t know the difference, so we’re happy to tell you.

  • Unlike traditional makeup, airbrush foundation is sprayed on very lightly, and blends with your pores to give a flawless look that is unparalleled by any other foundation.
  •  No sponges or applicators are used when applying airbrush foundation, it is sprayed lightly on with a touch-free machine. Not only is this cleaner, and the makeup is not contaminated with bacteria from hands or applicators, but it looks much smoother and softer.
  • With airbrush makeup you are using much less makeup than with typical foundation, so your natural beauty is enhanced without being covered up by thick foundation.
  • The best thing about airbush foundation is that it is waterproof, sweatproof, danceproof, and happyweddingdaytearsproof! Because of these features, airbrush foundation lasts for well over 15 hours! You just can’t beat it!

As a bride, airbrush foundation is a great choice for your wedding day because it provides a high definition finish for the pictures you will look at for the rest of your married life. Our personal recommendation is to go with airbrush foundation. If you want to have a look that can’t be compromised by any elements or emotions, airbrush is the way to go.

Take a look at some of Mani Mela Beauty’s before and after pictures and see what a difference airbrushing can make!