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Williams-Sonoma Bridal Event!

29 Jun

Mani Mela is so excited to be taking part in William-Sonoma’s Bridal Event taking place this evening at the Mall of America from 6 PM – 8 PM. Come on down to join the fun and enjoy tasty refreshments, visit with experts, and learn some valuable cooking tips! The place is going to be packed with local vendors, including Mani Mela, who will be on hand all evening to give advice, direction, and answer any wedding questions! Williams-Sonoma staff will be on hand to help brides build registries, or add to already created registries. We’re told there will even be a special discount for attendees! And you won’t want to miss the prizes being given away – especially ours! We’ve got a wedding day survival gift basket for one very lucky bride which features some of our favorite MAC makeup and more! Call to reserve your spot at 952.854.4553, and we’ll see you there! 



Things To Do After the Wedding

22 Jun

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As we were pinning away on Pinterest the other day (are you following us?) we came across an absolutely fabulous article that gives advice to planning couples about what to do after your wedding. There are tons and tons of articles about how to plan for your big day, but there is so little focus on the important details that need attention once your wedding day is over.

If you are bogged down with pre-wedding to-do lists, but want to prepare for what’s to come after your wedding day, The Details blog has some excellent tips for what to post-wedding tasks should be accomplished. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Have your signed marriage license mailed – a task often done by your officiant or wedding planner. Just make sure it’s been done!
  • Have your gown professionally cleaned. It is so worth it to take it your dress to a high-end cleaning place, especially one that specializes in wedding dress cleaning. Don’t risk your dress being ruined just to get a good deal at a rinky-dink cleaning place.
  • Freeze the top tier of your wedding cake to be saved for your first anniversary. This site has some great tips for doing just that.
  • Finalize all wedding photography details. Get your wedding album ordered, and order thank you cards (if being done through your photographer).
  • Send thank you cards within three months of your wedding date. Guests will understand if there’s a bit of a delay, especially if you are waiting on customized thank you cards. The Details Blog gives a great idea: “To keep yourself motivated, consider not using your new gifts until you’ve properly thanked your guests for them.
  • Get started on changing your name, if that’s what you chose to do. The Details Blog lays it all out very clearly:
  • The first step is to bring a certified copy of your marriage certificate as well as your old Social Security card to the Social Security Administration (you can find your local office here) – they will help you get a new Social Security Card. This process takes about 10 days.
  • Next, bring your new Social Security Card, marriage certificate and driver’s license to your local DMV. Call ahead and ask if your state allows you to file by mail, and if there are any additional documents you should have with you. Usually you can walk out of there with your new license.
  • If you have a passport, you can change your name on it by mail.You will need to have a new picture taken. Details here.
  • Change your name at work, including your W4s and other tax forms. Contact your manager or HR department to get started.
  • Change your name on your bank accounts and credit cards. Each company will have different requirements so the best place to start is by calling their customer service number.
  • Over the next year or so, you’ll notice your maiden name popping up in all types of places! My advice is to change it every time you notice it, and you should be okay!
  • Tip: There are services that help you with this process by filling out forms for you – check out Miss Now Mrs. for more information!
For the full list, visit The Details Blog – a great resource for all brides!

To See the Bride Before or Not?

6 Jun

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An old wedding custom states that a groom should not see his bride before the wedding. I’m not sure that groom could have anticipated how grandiose weddings are now compared to whatever those “back in the day” weddings entailed! Nowadays it’s just as much of a custom for the couple to see each other for pictures before the ceremony, and we at Mani Mela have to agree that this is the way to go. Here’s why:

1. Documentation: Your wedding day is going to be a blur of emotion and memories, and while you might think “I’ll never forget this moment” – chances are that the details may be a bit fuzzy. If you do a “first look” as opposed to waiting until the walk down the aisle, you can schedule your photographer to capture the first moment that your groom sees you. Your photographer will be able to find a good spot for the pictures where he or she can be out of the way, but still get a great shot. It’s a magical moment, and you’ll be grateful you’ll have your happy tears and loving gazes documented for a lifetime in a picturesque setting.

2. No (super) Nervous Nellies:  You’re going to be nervous regardless of whether or not you see your groom prior to your grand entrance down the aisle, but  I can guarantee those nerves will be multiplied if you wait until the last moment to set eyes on each other. The walk down the aisle is a really emotional moment, and if you wait for all those emotions to build up until then, your nerves will be at an all time high.

3. Time Saver: There are so many pictures to be taken on your big day, and the majority of them involve the both of you together. You will save lots of time if you take the bulk of the formal pictures before the wedding, and you’ll keep guests happy that way, too (they won’t have to wait for you to take a bunch of pictures afterwards).

4. Less Time Alone: Your wedding day is all about the two of you as a couple. If your ceremony doesn’t start until late afternoon or evening, you take time away from having those special wedding day moments together. You’ll obviously have some time apart as you both get ready for the day’s events, but you will still have the larger part of the day together if you see each other beforehand, which is what really matters.

5. Fresh Look: If you plan to wait to see your groom until you walk down the aisle, there is a pretty good chance that your makeup and hair will be done hours before that moment, which leaves stray hairs or makeup mishaps to chance. If you schedule a first look before the ceremony, you can make sure it happens the second you’re done being primped and pampered. You’ll look very fresh and glowing for these first look pictures.

6. Save Face: There’s no shame in happy tears for your wedding day, and there is sure to be lots of them! However, lots of tears can cause puffy eyes or smeared makeup. If you choose to do a first look instead of the aisle reveal, you have the time and privacy to let those happy tears flow, and probably minimize the amount that will stream during your ceremony. After your first look, you can keep your makeup artist on hand for a few minutes longer for a quick touch-up if need be, and puffy eyes will have time to relax.