A Mani Mela Bride: Brianna

23 Mar

Planning a wedding is a unique experience. It’s one of the most exciting times in a girl’s life. By the time you get engaged, you may have already planned out every detail of your dream wedding – but if you’re like the majority of women, you are being thrust in to a world of planning, nitpicking, and detailed decisions you may never have even thought about. Of course, these experiences are different for everyone, but Mani Mela has asked me, Brianna, to share my own experience as a bride-to-be, in the hope that it might help other brides gain perspective on the world of engagement and weddings. I want to be clear that I am in no way endorsing Mani Mela, or any vendors, I am merely speaking from my own experiences. The goal here is to be honest and candid, and to be an outlet for future brides, to help you grasp what it’s like to plan a wedding. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section, and I will respond as promptly as I can.

As of March 22, 2012 I have exactly six months to go until my wedding. I’ve been engaged since Memorial weekend of 2011, one of the happiest weekends of my whole life. My fiance, Jake, proposed to me on our two year anniversary. It went a little something like this – I opened the present he had wrapped so carefully for me, to uncover the book (I’m a bit of a book-worm) I had been wanting. I flipped the book open to find a hole cut through the pages, and inside laid a black box that didn’t look like your average engagement ring box – it looked more like a necklace box. I didn’t expect anything, I was so happy at the thought of a gorgeous new necklace, so you can imagine my surprise when I opened the box to see the most stunning, perfect, ring of my dreams waiting for me, and my then-boyfriend down on one knee in front of me. It was the best surprise of my life! (After the shock of the proposal wore off a bit, I exclaimed “YOU CUT THE BOOK?!” and lo and behold, he had also purchased a readable, un-cut version of the book. I really did still want to read it! :])

My fiance and I on the day of our engagement

After all the happy tears, exciting phone calls, and toasts to the happy new couple, the reality of the planning sets in. Lucky for me, I enjoy planning events. If you’re not like me, you’ll either learn to love it, or find someone else to do the planning for you. There are so many things to consider and book quickly – so you can reserve your date before it gets snatched up. We were lucky, we knew we’d be engaged for about a year and a half, so we had plenty of time to really research all of our vendors. If you are planning to be engaged less than a year, you really need to book your venues and various services quickly. Things to book first are venue, photography ( especially since you need to get engagement photos done), and videography. From my experience, these services get booked fast and way out in advance in a short amount of time. And of course, ladies – finding a dress in plenty of time to get it ordered and shipped to you is key as well. This is only the beginning of a plethora of meetings, bookings, taste-testings, fittings, and more which start the fabulous and fun journey in to wedding planning.

To find out my experiences booking venues, and other ups and downs with wedding planning, check back next week for the next installment of A Mani Mela Bride: Brianna.


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