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The Knot Minnesota Magazine

20 Jan

The Spring/Summer 2012 issue of The Knot Minnesota magazine has just hit the shelves, and if you haven’t bought it yet , we highly recommend you go snag a copy for yourself! There are over 150 pages of excellent ideas for all Minnesota brides including secrets from real brides, stunning wedding gowns, and featured Minnesota couples spilling all the details about their big day!

We’re excited to announce that Mani Mela has made it in to this issue of The Knot Minnesota not once – but two times! Check out the pictures below to see the articles about our work – you’ll probably recognize some of the pictures!

Page 30 – Our Cocktails & Connections event that we threw for The Knot!

Page 64 – We’re sure you didn’t forget Shazia & Jeff’s stunning two day wedding! All the details of their gorgeous celebration are found on these pages!


2012 Resolutions for Every Bride

12 Jan

(Photo via The Etsy Blog)

It’s the New Year, and you’ve probably made a slew of resolutions – eat healthier, sleep more, start the day out at the gym, etc. Resolutions for improving yourself are great, and if you can stick to them, you can really grow as a person. But what about resolutions for the soon-to-be bride? Surely there are some things you can resolve to do before your wedding that will not only help you be a better bride, but will also reduce the worrying before your big day! Here are a few easy resolutions to help you in the months before your wedding.

1. Don’t stress 

It’s easier said than done. Planning a wedding can be very stressful – as anyone who has planned one can tell you! There are so many details to consider – fabrics, fonts, food, you name it. But consider this: your friends and family want to help you. It makes them feel included. So if you’re stressed about getting the invitations out in time, ask your sister, or best friend to help you address those envelopes. Break out some wine, turn on a chick flick and make a girls day out of it!

2. Don’t be a bridezilla

As we said before, planning a wedding is a lot of work, which often means it’s a lot of stress, too. We get it – you want everything to be just right because you only have one shot at the perfect wedding. Just remember this, however: As much as your friends and family want to help you out, they’d also appreciate some gratitude and a thank you here and there. Don’t take your wedding planning stress out on those who mean the most to you, because if you do, they might not offer their help and happiness. Remember your manners, and keep a cool head – everything will work out just fine.

3. Make time to chat about other things

Resolve to set aside time where you talk about things other than your wedding. Do this for both your fiance and your friends. It’s easy to talk about the wedding you’ve completely engrossed yourself in for hours on end, but it can also be exhausting. Make time to ask your fiance how his day was, or to watch your favorite show together, without bringing up wedding details. Set aside time for drinks with your girlfriends where you find out how their love lives are, or how their jobs are going. You were a girlfriend to your fiance and friends before being engaged, so don’t forget they still want you to be there for them, too.

4. Consider a wedding planner

On top of everything you have going on in your life between your job, school perhaps, family, and friends – you’re busy. Maybe you don’t have time to plan out the font you want on your save the dates, or the types of flowers you’ll be carrying down the aisle. Why not let someone with experience and skill do that for you? If you are thinking of hiring a wedding planner, look no further than Mani Mela. Our talented professionals can help you plan one of the most special days of your life. Give us a call at 612.877.0897 to see how we can help make your dreams become a reality!

Steamy Teaser: Boudoir Photoshoot with Laura Ivanova Photography!

5 Jan

Mani Mela has an exciting and steamy preview for you! Our very own Hana, owner of Mani Mela, did a stunning hair and makeup job for a boudoir photoshoot with the super talented Laura Ivanova of Laura Ivanova Photography.

Keep your eyes peeled for more details and pictures from the shoot coming soon! But for now, these two pictures should keep you oohing and aahing for awhile! 😉